Financial Software Solutions

We co-operate with Effect as their representatives in Cyprus for the promotion of their financial S/W solutions.
EFFECT develops and delivers innovative software solutions for the financial sector. EFFECT’s products provide a complete support and automation of procedures (STP) in the investments services sector and particularly for Discretionary Portfolio Management, Investment Advice, Execution - Only portfolios and Customer Relationship Management.
In addition, EFFECT provides software for Custody Departments, for Margin Accounts management as well as software for historical data processing for market analysts and daily EOD updating for specific markets.
EFFECT has worked closely and built relationships of trust with the most important Banks, such as the Hellenic Bank of Cyprus, Eurobank, Marfin Laiki Bank, Bank of Cyprus,and many Brokerage and Financial Services companies and Open end Funds in the Cypriot markeet.
Main Products for Cyprus
The unique tool for well supported Decision Making and Investment Services

EFFECT RM offers Portfolio Management and CRM functionality needed by Relationship Managers & Investment Advisors, in order to offer timely and high quality services to customers - investors


Driving the Wealth Management Back Office Workflow

EFFECT WM automates the workflow of the back office through STP (Straight Through Processing) and manages to:

    • reduce operating costs
    • minimise human errors and operational risk
    • provide highest quality service to customers- investors